SEI is currently looking for an individual who has the following capabilities. If you believe you would be a good candidate, please complete the employment application under “Apply For This Opportunity”.

Position Description, Responsibilities, and Expectations:


  • Lead man on any size job and is responsible to remain onsite at all times during any work in progress. This responsibility cannot be delegated except as approved by management.
  • Jobsite safety, adherence to all facility rules by jobsite
  • Directly involved with all work in, on, or around equipment with live circuits
  • Coordination of labor and material on the job
  • Accurate material tickets, job sheet information, mileage, SEI material, tool checkout/return, return of unused materials, credit slips, and ordering job materials
  • Coordinate Repairs to the trucks and SEI equipment
  • Jobsite communications to workforce, SEI management, and the customer
  • On-going job site electrical training of all apprentices, helpers, panel techs, and electricians
  • Coordination of project work and facility downtime
  • Personnel evaluations and company policy recommendations
  • After hours and weekend call-out
  • Maintain current and valid N. C. driver’s license, hand tools, multimeter, and clamp–on meter
  • Maintain the assigned vehicle through regular service and repairs